Does your pet constantly shed or experience dry, flaking and scaly skin? Is your pet constantly shedding?  Do you notice your pet incessantly itching? ViTail Krill is a great way to prevent a deficiency of fatty acids in your pet's diet, while in turn, promoting a healthy coat and skin, which reduces shedding and itching. Our concentrated ViTail Krill Formula helps to reduce shedding, promotes healthy skin and coat, relieves and prevents itchy skin, and provides fatty acids in a tasty cheese flavored treat that dogs and cats love!

  • COMPARE AND SAVE - Our concentrated formulas are longer lasting than most brands with smaller dosages which makes our products a better value over our competitors.
  • PROVIDES VITAIL FATTY ACIDS - Aids in preventing fatty acid deficiency
  • NOURISHES FROM THE INSIDE OUT - Promotes shiny coat and healthy skin, relieves itchy, allergy prone skin
  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AND EASY TO ADMINISTER TO YOUR DOG OR CAT - ViTaiLity Pet Supplements are Made in the USA with Veterinarian Grade ingredients to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our tasty cheese flavored treats make it easy to keep your pet healthy.
  • WE LOVE HELPING ANIMALS - $1.00 per every unit sold goes to help our hard working friends at No Time To Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Warrenton, MO. Proceeds help with vet expenses, food, and operational costs for around 100 shelter dogs and puppies, and several rescued farm animals, such as pigs, horses, and a special cow named Izzy.

Your Pets Will Love This Because:

  • Helps reduce shedding and alleviates itchy skin
  • Aids in preventing fatty acid deficiency
  • Promotes shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Savory flavor
  • For dogs and cats

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